International Cooperation

University of Thessaly has 315 Bilateral Agreements with 27 European Union countries but is not limited by the European Union borders; Through CIE University of Thessaly has also established Memorandum of Understanding with several other non-EU countries. University of Thessaly participates in numerous international research collaborations, attracting a significant amount of international research funding. The past academic year (2018-2019) we have developed a range of strategic partnerships at senior levels with overseas governments, institutions and organizations, in particular with China where we have extended our links with academic institutions such as Central University of Finance and Economics and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in fields as diverse as sport science, engineering, life and medical sciences.

We work in partnership with approximately 30 world institutions to facilitate teaching visits for our academic staff and we offer numerous collaborative programmes with other higher education institutions.  The overarching priority is to further enhance our global presence.

Selection of Partners and cooperation: