About CIE

The overall aim of the Center for International Education (CIE) of University of Thessaly is to contribute to the design and implementation of the University‚Äôs International Strategy. CIE is promoting a sustainable educational landscape through the design and the implementation of a number of academic exchanges and study abroad initiatives.  Key among its objectives is to develop a viable and sustainable environment for professors, staff, researchers and other members of the broader academic community to engage with a range of international educational frameworks, develop intercultural competences and skills through innovative learning, and international training opportunities.

These objectives will be accomplished by the CIE through a series of well-designed and organized services/activities including:

  • The development and exploration of the international relations of UTH according to the strategic internationalization plan.
  • The management and implementation of actions deriving from Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs) and Agreements of UTH with various foreign institutions.
  • The design of internationalization strategies with the engagement of academic departments and global partners towards the developmentof international curriculum and the delivery of joint academic programs.
  • The support, organization and supervision ofundergraduate courses in English offered to international students.
  • The development of internship opportunities for international students in Greece and vice versa students of the University in international institutions and organizations.
  • The organization of summer schools or other educational programs for international students.
  • The organization and implementation of educational programs in the Greek language and the provision of cultural activities and opportunities for international students.
  • The exploration of various alternatives sources of funding for financing internationalization strategies.
  • The Center for International Education at University of Thessaly is a well-designed institutional body merely focusing on the design, the development and the implementation of a broader spectrum of international education initiatives available or the faculty, the staff and the other members of the broader academic community. More particularly main purpose of the CIIE is the design of internationalization strategies for creating opportunities for academic partnerships and knowledge alliances  ensuring the active engagement of both students and staff faculty in various forms of international initiatives (mobility, study courses, intercultural training, other).  In this respect, CIE attempts to offer a range of services to the entire University. These comprise a range of integrated teaching, training and research opportunities for researchers, staff faculty and students including intensive short-study programs, summer courses for international students and the implementation of various EU projects as well.

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