Propellers: Professional and Personal Experience through Life Long Learning and Regular Sport

The main goal of the PROPELLERS project is to improve the health conditions and quality of life of the European population in general by increasing their participation in physical activity. These activities aim to raise awareness about the added value of sports and physical exercise in terms of improving the personal life, professional and social development of individuals.


The main objective of the SET4DC project is to support the professional realisation of bikers in the cycling field through the development of an innovative Three-dimensional Sports Management programme for Dual Career in cycling, which will include the following dimensions:

  • Cycling Clubs Management – Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills and attitudes in boost of a dual career
  • Volunteers Managing- Identifying, attracting and managing volunteers to help athletes
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship – before, during and after the sports career.

  • EHPARP: Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon 

    The Project Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon (EHPARP) aims at employing Pentathlon as a tool of promoting health-enhancing physical activity among the European youth and adult populations as well as providing dual career opportunities to Athletes in the individual disciplines forming part of Pentathlon practice who will be empowered as Coaches/Trainers in their disciplines and in comprehensive programmes of Pentathlon for an adult and a youth audience.

    LAS: Life After Sports

    LAS is a 2-year project implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport. The focus of the programme will be to ensure young Athletes’ acquisition of the knowledge and skills fostering facilitating their employability upon the conclusion of professional sport careers. LAS is aimed at developing an innovative 3-Stage Dual Careers Programme that facilitates an optimal combination of high-quality training and education to young athletes using face-to-face workshops. The Programme will target athletes between 15-18 years old, special critical age in which sport and professional transitions take place. In total, 120 athletes coming from the 6 countries will be directly involved in the testing of the pilot programme.

    ESLP: European Sport Leadership Programme

    ESLP is a 2-year project implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport. The primary objective of this programme is to improve good governance in university sport, influencing how the aims for university sport are set and achieved to optimize and monitor performance. As part of this, the aims are to increase sports participation and to promote voluntary activity in sport. The project’s target group are university students and also leaders and managers of university sport. The first phase of implementation is the analysis of university sport governance. The second phase constitute of the design, implementation and evaluation of a sport volunteering scheme which aims to provide a sports leadership programme to enhance both personal and professional development opportunities for students to increase graduate employability and also new recreational sporting opportunities.

    AGES: Addressing Gender Equality in Sport

    AGES is a 2-year project implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport. This project aims to contribute to the promotion of gender equality in sport through research, strategies, designs and best practices exchange between partner countries. It targets children, as representatives of future generations, and parents, trainers and coaches who involve in their growth. A.G.E.S. intends to accept the challenge launched by the European policies with the new 2014-2020 programme and relaunch the sport in its fundamental values of inclusion, aggregation and education, focusing on young people and on those who in various capacities operate in the sports sector.