Project Short description: SmartDevOps is an E+ Sector Skills Alliance which will define and develop the skills needed in an emerging and very dynamic sector: Smart Cities. The project addresses the shortage of digital and transferrable skills in municipalities. It will support people working in the smart cities sector (ICT project managers; programmers, technical writers, web designers, system administrators, technicians) in their professional development by training them to apply DevOps, an approach combining the “development” and “operations” phases. This will raise the quality of e-services, helping those Cities become truly IT sustainable while fulfilling their scope to “connect, protect, & enhance the lives of their citizens via digital technology. The project aims to:

  • Identify competencies and job role profiles of Smart Cities DevOps professionals.
  • Design and deliver a VET curricula combining digital and transferable skills, including a MOOC, open educational resources (OERs), e-learning, face-to-face training and work based experience.
  • Pilot the training in Cyprus, Germany, Greece, and Italy and evaluate the experience.
  • Relate to European and national qualification frameworks and the European credit system for vocational education and training to facilitate mobility and recognition.
  • Use recognized frameworks such as EQAVET and e-CF to ensure quality and transferability.
  • Create and support communities of practice where professionals, trainers, employers will continue to work together to improve the Smart Cities sector.

VALOR: Valorisation of ancient farming techniques in resilient and sustainable agriculture

Valorisation of ancient farming techniques in resilient and sustainable agriculture The project VALOR promotes the recovery, conservation, and enhancement of the ancient local cultivation conditions, through innovative educational curricula that support trainers and farmers to increase their abilities to preserve and safeguarded ancient production techniques and valorize and promote local traditional identities and economies.


O-CITY is a 3-year project implemented in the framework of Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances. This project aims to foster Orange (Creative) economy as it a high transformative sector in terms of income-generation, job creation and export earnings. Universities, cities and companies participating in the project have decided to undertake together the promotion and enhancement of elements of their cultural heritage through an online educational project which is adapted and prepared to train the new generation of students in the capacities and competences needed by 21st century companies. The objectives of this project are: i) the discovery, promotion and enhancement of the cultural heritage and the presentation in the online platform, ii) the promotion of the Orange economy, through the professional training of young people who hope to get a job, or want to create their own enterprise, and iii) the modernization of Universities and Innovation in Teaching and Learning Technologies through the association of training plans with the creative items, presented under the platform of the cities.