In terms of projects’ initiatives CIE of University of Thessaly is committed to the successful implementation of various European and International projects that can be used to serve the needs of various target groups at a range of levels and in a wide variety of contexts. Particularly CIE represents significant experience in coordinating and participating in various projects with strong impact and sustainable long-term character in cooperation with various international agencies, academic institutions, NGOs, policy stakeholders and other bodies.

As part of the activities and the fulfilment of its targets the Center for International Education on its own initiative implements various projects, which serve as  main target to reinforce the development of new instruments (intellectual outputs) and innovative educational/training solutions related to the Center’s overall objectives. At the moment CIE of UTH is representing significant experience in various European project Initiatives (Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, DG Employment, EASME, Interreg, Erasmus+ Sports, Knowledge Alliances, etc.) either as leader organization or as basic partner.

The experienced team of CIE has participated with great success in a large number of programs related to different thematic fields and disciplines including social inclusion and disabilities, innovative educational material production (in many cases specially designed for people with acquired disabilities), training, entrepreneurship, employability, dual career of graduates and well-being. Project initiatives are highly supported by the academic society of UTH emphasizing and revealing the unique character they provide. The quality of the projects implemented is verified at a national level as well as through institution’s experts, professors, trainers etc.

Actually the intensive project implementation has become one of the core activities and basic philosophy of Center for International Education during the last years. The scientific and qualitative implementation of the training programs is well ensured from the integrated contribution of all the faculty and the rest of the research staff of the University of Thessaly. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the University possess solid networking channels and partners that collaboratively support these actions in order to achieve goals and milestones.

Center’s overall role through its engagement, is to be not just an educational establishment, but also a generator of knowledge reflected on the people’s daily lives. As educational establishments, CIE’s function is to provide able, self-directed learners that are independent and confident, and will go out into society and give to society through leadership or through civic duties. Additionally CIE attempts to provide new concrete knowledge, to change paradigms, to aid society in its development and meet new challenges as they come along.

List of current projects